2-way Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector

อุปกรณ์ตรวจจับควันไฟ+ความร้อน แบบไร้สาย

Designed for Ultimate Safety 2-Way Wireless Solutions

RISCO’s new Smoke and Heat detector, now in a new sleek and elegant look, is designed to blend perfectly in any household surroundings, and provide the highest level of safety for domestic environment.
The innovative design enables quick and simple installation, and it is compatible with all RISCO Group’s hybrid and wireless systems.

Quick and simple testing function

To perform a periodically inspection, simply press the pressure pad firmly and the fire alarm will be activated,  confirming that the detector is functioning correctly. Release pressure to restore the alarm activation.

Employing a brand new, advanced photoelectric chamber and a newly developed detection algorithm, the RWX35 detects smoke in accordance with EN14604. In parallel, the temperature is monitored with four separate heat sensors, measuring rate-of-rise, as well as absolute temperature.